DK Mok is a fantasy and science fiction author whose novels include Squid's Grief, Hunt for Valamon and The Other Tree. DK has been shortlisted for seven Aurealis Awards, three Ditmars, and two Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Awards.


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Squid's Grief
A Novel

Aurealis Award Nominated for Best Science Fiction Novel

Ditmar Award Nominated for Best Novel

When car-hacker Squid rescues a cheerful amnesiac from the trunk of a stolen car, her decision to help him recover his memory sets her on a collision course with the enigmatic crime lords who rule Baltus City. More details...


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6 April 2022

DK's solarpunk short story 'The Birdsong Fossil' has been Aurealis Award-nominated for Best Science Fiction Novella! 

See the complete list of finalists here.

5 April 2021

Multispecies Cities is available for pre-order now! This uplifting solarpunk anthology, featuring DK's story 'The Birdsong Fossil', will be available in paperback and ebook formats from 13 April 2021.

Cover of Multispecies Cities anthology

Table of Contents

"Listen: A Memoir" by Priya Sarukkai Chabria
"By the Light of the Stars" by N. R. M. Roshak
"Old Man's Sea" by Meyari McFarland
"Deer, Tiger, and Witch" by Kate V. Bui
"Vladivostok" by Avital Balwit
"The Exuberant Vitality of Hatchling Habitats" by D.A. Xiaolin Spires
"Untamed" by Timothy Yam
"It is the year 2115" by Joyce Chng
"A Rabbit Egg for Flora" by Caroline M. Yoachim
"Iron Fox in the Marble City" by Vlad-Andrei Cucu
"Mariposa Awakening" by Joseph F. Nacino
"A Life With Cibi" by Natsumi Tanaka
"Children of Asphalt" by Phoebe Wagner
"Down the River" by Eliza Victoria
"Becoming Martians" by Taiyo Fujii
"Abso" by Sarah E. Stevens
"In Two Minds" by Joel R Hunt
"Arfabad" by Rimi B. Chatterjee
"The Mammoth Steps" by Andrew Dana Hudson
"Wandjina" by Amin Chehelnabi
"The Streams Are Paved With Fish Traps" by Octavia Cade
"Crew" by E.-H. Nießler
"The Songs That Humanity Lost Reluctantly to Dolphins" by Shweta Taneja
"The Birdsong Fossil" by D.K. Mok

Links for pre-ordering here.


29 May 2020

In exciting news, DK's short story 'The Birdsong Fossil' will be published in the upcoming Multispecies Cities anthology from World Weaver Press! With a focus on the Asia-Pacific region, these 24 stories explore the sometimes fraught, sometimes wondrous, relationship between humans and the natural world. Featuring mammoths, de-extinction technology, and neurodiverse robots, these stories imagine future cities where wildlife and humanity have found a better balance.

Check out the full TOC here.


11 Feb 2020

DK's WSFA-nominated short story 'The Spider and the Stars' has been translated into Italian for the anthology Solarpunk: Come ho imparato ad amare il futuro, edited by Francesco Verso and published by Future Fiction. The anthology is available now in ebook and paperback.


19 August 2019

DK's science fiction story 'The Spider and the Stars' has been shortlisted for a Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award for Short Fiction! The story was first published in Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers, edited by Sarena Ulibarri (World Weaver Press). Congratulations to all the finalists!

Find the complete shortlist here.


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